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Barbara Kuzma, Broker and Owner at Kuzma Success Realty

Barbara Kuzma

Barbara Kuzma, Broker and Owner at Kuzma Success Realty

Barbara Kuzma

Real Estate in Cheyenne, WY Kuzma Success Realty


The company was formed in April 1994. The broker has been one of Cheyenne’s top Sales and Listing Agent for over 35 consecutive years. Your success is our success!

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Kuzma Success Realty serves all of Cheyenne, Wyoming and surrounding areas encompassing Laramie County from Nebraska and Colorado borders and west to Laramie, Wyoming. We also service F.E. Warren Air Force Base personnel.


Kuzma Success Realty has agents who specialize in residential, investment, and commercial property sales plus new construction and other land development projects. We also do property management.


Kuzma Success Realty is a full service brokerage providing assistance with buying or selling residential, investment, commercial and land properties. Plus we do property management. Our company specializes in working with your relocation housing needs to or from Cheyenne or surrounding areas. Plus we work with relocation companies throughout the world to help your move run smoothly from start to finish.


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Buying A Home In Cheyenne, WY: Low Interest Rates, A Swift Market, and Much More

Buying a home in Cheyenne, WY may prompt many questions. You may know what you are looking for in a dream home, but not really know what to expect from the experience. Here are a few key considerations as you look for and buy a home here in Cheyenne, WY.

A Seller’s Market But With Low-Interest Rates That Benefit Buyers

The typical course of the year has been interrupted by the public health crisis of the pandemic, and many who delayed homebuying at the start of the year are now on the market. Buying a home in Cheyenne, WY is a popular choice right now, one that has led many sellers to receive at or above asking prices for their homes.

However, a part of what drives that positive trend for sellers is a trend that benefits everyone: lower than usual interest rates on mortgages makes your payments more affordable even if the total home purchase price is a little higher than expected. 96% of real estate agents surveyed in Homelight’s Q3 Survey said that low interest rates are causing buyers to flood the market with demand. You’re not alone if you are out there looking for your next home right now in Cheyenne.

If You Love it, Make Your Offer Today

At the same time that buyers are searching, the housing inventory in most places can’t keep up. If you’ve looked at a home and waited a couple of days to make an offer, you may find that the sellers have already accepted another offer or received a few that are above asking price.

As a result, it’s good to be as clear as possible on what you are looking for in a home even before you see the home in person. If the in-person experience lives up to your expectations, placing an offer immediately is the best way to have a good shot at getting the house.

Since you want to make the best of your time and really think your choices through, a great time to make your pro-con list is between when you see the listing online and when you get to see the home. The more ready you are with your last questions when you arrive at the home, the better your chances will be of quickly placing an offer while still thinking every detail through carefully.

Consider What Your Final Offer Will Be Even as You Place Your First Offer

In addition to placing an offer quickly, it’s good to think through your potential counteroffer as well. Real estate agents are seeing a lot of bidding wars given the low inventory, with 87% of buyers submitting an offer over asking. Going in strong with a good initial offer matters, but knowing your top limit is key as well to avoid getting caught up in a bidding war past the point where you wish to stop.

The key takeaways for buying a home this year are still positive: the low interest rates are a great reason to get into the market and see what you can find. By being thorough but decisive, you can take advantage of the swift market and move a sale along quite quickly.